Football Workouts

Dehydration Treatment And Prevention For Football Players

During competitive games like football, a lot of athletes get dehydrated even when the weather is not really that hot. Athletes can’t just depend on the feeling of thirst to remind them that they need to replace the fluid that was lost during perspiration. This is because physical exercise, such as during offseason football workouts, […]

Dynamic Effort For Developing Speed And Strength In Football

It may seem like such a complicated concept, but dynamic effort basically refers to the lifting of a non-maximal load that is done at the highest possible speed. Probably your first impression is that dynamic effort is something that sports players do often. Jumping and running activities like football exercises are done at maximum speed […]

Top 50 Products From

Given the commitment that you have demonstrated to your football workouts, you have no doubt visited from time to time. Knowing that the thousands of products available at can become overwhelming as you attempt to determine which are the best choice for you, we’ve tried to eliminate as much of the guessing game […]

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