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Improve Your Kicking Ability

When you hear the word “kick”, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a martial artist such as Bruce Lee or Jet li. This is because in movies, we always see that the kicks of professional martial artists are done with extreme quickness and agility.

In football, an excellent kick will take you to many places and will make you a big star. This article gives examples of football workouts and football exercises that will improve your kicks by training your entire hip. You must be expecting that you only need to train your flexor mechanism. However, by training the entire hip, you’ll be able to make sure that both your pelvic bone and hip joints will remain stable whenever you do a dynamic kick.


Football exercises and football workouts should always be preceded by a complete warm-up. Here are a few warm-ups for your football workout sessions that will definitely prepare your body to engage in strenuous physical activities:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Butt Kickers
  • Lunge and Twist
  • Sumo Squat
  • Lateral Lunge

Bilateral Drill

Bilateral drills basically refer to hip training using a speed sled as a football exercise. Here’s how to do it: Fasten a piece of rope to the sled’s ring. Tie a loop on its loose end. Then, tie a loop at each end of a second rope. Insert the double-looped cord through the other’s loop. Next, place a foot in each end of the second rope.

  • Forward walk: Snap the leg through while walking forward.
  • Lateral slide: Using a slow step, slide laterally.
  • High knee: With a high-knee step, walk forward. Then, drive your knees to the fore.
  • Bear crawl: Crouch on all fours. Walk forward and snap your knee through.

Belt Drill

In this football exercise, fasten the sled to a speed harness belt.

  • Forward low walk: Stay as low as you can while walking.
  • Backward low walk: Stay as low as you can while trying to extend your knee fully.
  • Forward straight leg walk: Keep your leg straight while walking forward.
  • Lateral crossover walk: Stay as low as you can while your crossover. Push through using your hip.

Unilateral Drill

In this football exercise, fasten the sled to one leg.

  • Forward walk: Snap the fastened leg through.
  • Backwards walk: Stay as low as you can and snap the fastened leg through.
  • Lateral pull slide: Attach the sled to the trail leg. Move your leg as wide as you can.
  • Crossover: Attach the sled to the trail leg. Cross the trail over the lead leg.
  • Lateral push slide: Fasten the sled to the lead leg then snap over.

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Dynamic Effort For Developing Speed And Strength In Football

It may seem like such a complicated concept, but dynamic effort basically refers to the lifting of a non-maximal load that is done at the highest possible speed. Probably your first impression is that dynamic effort is something that sports players do often.

Jumping and running activities like football exercises are done at maximum speed and effort after all. However, the truth is that athletes don’t often practice dynamic effort. Unlike powerlifters, a lot of athletes don’t really lift heavy weights at the maximum speed possible. However, athletes such as football players can improve both their speed and strength when they incorporate the system of dynamic effort into their football workouts.

  • Do some warm-up football exercises first. This should be a routine in every one of your football workouts. Do not forget to do some stretching so that you won’t experience cramps later on during your workout session.
  • After your warm-up, put 50 percent of your maximum on the bar. Time yourself in 5 repetitions. Round it to the nearest tenth of a second. Do your reps as fast as you can – this is the most important part. Then, add 1 second to what you recorded earlier. This is what you will use as the time limit for your next sets of football workouts.
  • Rest for around 2 minutes. Then, add 7.5 percent of your maximum to the bar. Do 5 reps as fast as you can. Do not forget to time it. If you managed to make 5 reps within your time limit (in the example it is 7 seconds), rest for another 2 minutes then add another 7.5 percent of your max before doing another set. Continue doing these football exercises until you can’t make 5 reps anymore within your time limit.

To make it clearer, here is one example of dynamic effort football exercises for an athlete who maxes 400 pounds:

  • Set 1: 200 pounds done in 6.5 seconds. Time limit is set at 7.5 seconds. Rest for 2 minutes.
  • Set 2: 215 pounds (15 is 7.5 percent of 200) done in 6.7 seconds. Rest for 2 minutes.
  • Set 5: 230 pounds in 6.9 seconds. Rest for 2 minutes.
  • Set 7: 245 pounds in 7.7 seconds. Stop doing the football workouts if you have gone over the time limit.

If you are in need of improving your speed and strength, you should include this system of dynamic effort in your football workouts and football exercises. If you do it everyday, you’ll notice that each session with dynamic effort will differ from the others. You’ll get a different speed and time limit. As long as your time is improving, then you are sure that you are doing the correct exercise.

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