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Choose The Right Football Equipment

Football is one of the most popular sports for both young kids and adults. It is played because of the thrill of competing with other players and the fun of challenging yourself. For some people, it is a past time that they do every weekend.

For others, football is their life. If you belong to the former category and want to take football more seriously, then you should practice and keep striving to make gains in your football workouts. However, before you can do that, you have to have the right football clothing & equipment. You have to select the football gear that would suit your position as well.

In picking out the right football gear, there are a couple of guidelines that you have to follow so that your football clothing & equipment will be a perfect fit and do its main purpose: to protect you while at the same time still making you feel comfortable throughout the event.

The Helmet

The first aspect of football gear that must be considered is the helmet. Select one that is roomy enough for your head to fit comfortably but feels a little tight for it to stay in its position and avoid falling. If you’ve scanned the whole football clothing & equipment section and still haven’t found the helmet that fits you perfectly, then you may opt for the one that has inflatable pads inside. This particular kind of helmet is adjustable and is made to accommodate varying head sizes.

The Face Mask

The next aspect of football clothing & equipment that you must consider is the face mask. The best way that you can determine whether your chosen face mask is suited for you is if it’s suited for your position . For maximum protection, face masks that have several bars are recommended to be worn by line players. The other positions, such as wide receivers, quarterbacks, running backs, and kickers are recommended to use face masks that have fewer bars so that they can easily see the field.

The Jaw, Shoulder and Other Pads

Jaw pads and chin strap are the next pieces of football gear to be taken into consideration. They are chosen based on the size that would fit your helmet. An accessory that you should buy is a rubber mouth protector in order to protect your teeth should you have an explosive encounter. Shoulder pads are another piece of equipment that you should buy, as well as tailbone, thigh, hip, and knee pads. The cardinal rule for choosing pads is to pick the one that is big enough for you to feel comfortable with all throughout the event, but still tight enough to avoid falling for maximum protection.

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